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CGS’ e-Learning software, i-Plus Creator, is the answer to resolving the cost, time, and complexity issues surrounding the development of e-learning material. To date, e-learning material has been created by highly specialized, costly resources which negatively impact a company’s bottom line. iPlus on Demand eliminates this by putting the power in the hands of the employees. 

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i-Plus, allows an organization to not only take advantage of the great benefits brought on by e-Learning, but provides companies with the ability to enable all employees to get in on the action. In minutes employees can develop their own e-Learning collateral by taking a PowerPoint presentation and loading it into i-Plus.  From there, employees can add or create audio, change background colours, upload pdf’s, create podcasts and much more!

In this ever changing world, updates to products and/or services can quickly date learning material.  i-Plus has an answer for that! The resynch options allows employees to make changes directly to their original PowerPoint, select resynch and the tool will look for all modifications between the current iPlus and the ppt and update accordingly. Again, saving time and ensuring up-to-date educative material is available to allow the employees to do the best job possible for your company.

If you want to reduce your overall costs, provide employees with on-demand, self-paced education to allow them to excel at their job, and to be able to effectively educate the masses CGS’ iPlus on Demand tool is for you! Empower your employees, save time and money, it’s that simple!